Volunteer Management
Volunteers play a critical role in every successful nonprofit organization.  Do you need assistance in streamlining or expanding the management system you currently use to organize your volunteers? Or do you lack a systematic way of managing the volunteers who provide their time and services to your nonprofit? Innovative Solutions offers management consulting services to help you maximize the efforts of your volunteers.

Annual Fund
A robust annual fund is essential for the year-to-year operation of most nonprofits. It also provides a vehicle for nurturing relationships that can transform modest supporters into major donors. Does your annual fund generate fewer resources than you think it can or should? Or does your startup organization lack a systematic annual fund program?  Innovative Solutions offers consulting services for the planning, staffing and execution of a successful annual fund.

Major Gifts & Capital Campaigns
Capital campaigns and the major gifts needed for a successful campaign are essential for the long-term health and survival of a nonprofit organization.  Is your organization investigating the feasibility of carrying out a capital campaign?  Would you like your nonprofit to begin a systematic major gifts program so that a capital campaign is doable? Innovative Solutions has experienced consulting staff who can help you.

Planned Giving & Endowment
Endowment is the single most important factor determining whether a nonprofit organization will survive over the long-term. Does your organization lack the endowment resources needed to expand? Do you need a sound planned giving program that will enable your organization to take advantage of the billions of dollars in estate gifts that will be made over the next decade? Innovative Solutions will work with you to initiate, improve or energize a planned giving program that will help to build your endowment and ensure that your nonprofit flourishes over time.