Do you need a new system for financial controls? Is your current account software outdated, cumbersome, or scheduled to be retired? Whether sales and marketing drives your company's business and growth, or whether financial accounting of charitable programming and fundraising are crucial to your nonprofit organization, Microsoft Dynamics has a solution for you.

Microsoft offers financial controls management systems for companies and organizations that are large and small. Two standout systems are Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Dynamics GP. Microsoft's SL enterprise resource planning (ERP) system not only works out of the box, but also it's designed to serve the evolving accounting needs of project-based and service industries like professional services, construction, government contracting, and engineering. For more information about Microsoft Dynamics SL, click here.

Small to medium-sized companies often reach a tipping point. The  tools that worked in the beginning can begin to hinder the ability to act with agility and insight. Everyone works better together when you connect your people, processes, and systems all from one place. With Microsoft Dynamics GP and Office 365, you and your colleagues can bring your email, calendar, and files together with your data, reports, and financial management software. You and your workers can be more productive with highly secure system that is available anytime on any device you use, and you can redirect valuable IT resources to focus on driving business growth. For more information about Microsoft Dynamics GP, click here.