Does your company need to hear what consumers are saying about your products and services? Does your nonprofit need to know what people are saying about your services and other efforts aimed at the common good? Do you want to know who your top influencers in social media, and track what these influencers are saying about you, your product or your organization? Then you should look into using Microsoft Social Listening.

Microsoft Social Listening is a powerful new service that your company or nonprofit organization can use to monitor social media venues such as Facebook, Twitter, blog posts or videos on You Tube to learn what people are saying about your products, services or campaigns or other efforts. Microsoft Social Listening gives you the ability to track your own products or services or those of your competitors to get real time information about the perception of your customers or constituents.

Searches in Microsoft Social Listening are based on keywords that deliver report indicators in real time. For a company, searches "listen" on the web to build a sentiment of how people are thinking and feeling about a brand or product. For nonprofits, searches can reveal sentiment about social services campaigns, alumni feelings, or other basic concerns of an institution.

As a Microsoft Social Listening search builds results in real time, users can quickly see yields in Buzz (number of posts) Sentiment (positive vs. negative) Share of Voice and Buzz history (posts over time).  Users can at anytime drill down into this social media data to enable your company or nonprofit to strategize, improve or otherwise react to a perception of concern to you on social media. 

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