The Innovative Solutions one-day grantsmanship seminar is designed for teams and groups that need to increase their effectiveness at seeking external funding.

The seminar is delivered onsite and includes materials and a textbook.  The typical audience is a team of seven to twelve people, but larger groups have been successfully accommodated.

Examples of groups that have participated in this seminar include a national research laboratory, a college within a research university, a liberal arts college, and a social services delivery organization.  Typically a dean, department head, or other leader will collaborate with Innovative Solutions to develop the training agenda.  This seminar may be recommended by development officers for research and program staff as a means of enhancing in-house expertise. University administrators have used the seminar as a faculty development tool.

Innovative Solutions’ grantsmanship seminar covers four broad areas:

  • Funding Research and Managing Relationships
  • Organizing Information for Grant Proposals
  • Writing Skills for Effective Grant Proposals
  • Effective Grant Management

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