Enhance your career by taking our six-week online course for credit or CEUs.

Nonprofit Fundraising Essentials is a six-week online course designed and led by Innovative Solutions CRM Consultant Tim Kachinske. A Microsoft Certified Consultant  (CTS) in CRM with more than 17 years as a nonprofit manager and development officer, Tim directs our nonprofit practice.

Nonprofit Fundraising Essentials is offered through Ed2Go, the world’s leading online course provider. You can take Nonprofit Fundraising Essentials for college credit or CEU by registering online at one of several thousand US colleges and institutions of higher learning. More than 1,600 students have successfully passed Nonprofit Fundraising Essentials.

Students take Nonprofit Fundraising Essentials for a variety of reasons. Some are interested in a lateral career move into development from another area of nonprofit management.  Others are new graduates looking for a concrete path to a fundraising career, while other students are re-entering the workforce and want to sharpen their job-seeking skills for a position in development.  Still other students are making a mid-career move from the for-profit sector into the nonprofit world, and want to translate their skills and experience to the nonprofit arena.

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Here are some actual comments from students who have taken this course:

“I felt this course was really important to give a broad approach to stepping into the fundraising arena. I work on documentary films and currently have a film in progress on Urban Agriculture…I have to admit this course has made me feel more confident to approach funding for my work in the spring.”

"I thought this was an excellent overview of the subject matter, packing in a ton of information in a 6-week course."

"This course has been career changing for me."

"This course was one of the most interesting, comprehensive, well-written and well-organized on-line courses I've taken. I would definitely recommend this course to others interested in learning about nonprofit fundraising."

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